Tyresö, Stockholm, Sweden


Architects co-create the future because every piece of their work will become a part of the world for many years to come. I want to help to build a world where health, nature, beauty and functionality live in harmony and where people can look forward to each and every new day.

Professional and personal summary

I am an architect, a urbanist and a BIM and daylighting expert living in Sweden since 2013. I studied architecture and lighting design in Slovakia, Germany and Sweden. I am fluent in Slovak, English, Swedish and Czech.

I have gained the experience from different types of projects and project stages. I have been an architect for 15 years and the most advanced tasks I have been working on include BIM model management, Archicad software support and the development of the vertical sky component calculation tool. I consider the work of architects to be strongly multidisciplinary and it motivates me to study more and gain additional knowledge about daylight, health, GIS, contemporary urban theories and sustainability.

Besides working as an architect, I design and provide apartment renovations, including small furniture and lighting solutions. The opportunity to start with an idea and a sketch, to experience the building processes and deal with details, and finally to see a visible result and a happy client, is extremely satisfying for me. Accuracy and precision, responsibility, planning and well-developed problem solving skills are the qualities which always help me to provide good work whatever I do.

My biggest hobbies are swimming, mainly in open water, my dog, artistic drawing and sketching, renovations, gardening and also astronomy and astrophysics.

Please see my ENG CV and SWE CV

"Once you stop learnng, you start dying."

Albert Einstein